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Music Lessons , Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar | Kids Victoria BC
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Music Lessons , Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar | Kids Victoria BC

GreyPlay101.com is a free year round directory that lists hundreds of activities, workshops, lessons, programs and resources for seniors and mature adults in the greater Victoria area.

Our links to Free Senior Activities, Resources, & Festivals & Events, makes finding the right program fast & easy.

GreyPlay101.com is designed to help you find just the right program to stay active and connected to the community; which is the secret to staying positive and young at heart!

 GreyPlay101... explore, engage, experience

Upcoming Festivals & Events:

Victoria Symphony Splash | August 6th | Inner Harbour - Read more...

Cadboro Bay Festival | August 13th | Cadboro Bay – Ggyro Park - Read more...


Staff Picks on Upcoming Programs:

iPad/iPhone For Travelers  | July 29th | Monterey Recreation Centre

Discover great travelling, translating, touring, GPS and mapping apps for the iPad and iPhone. Are you paying too much for your airline tickets? Would you like to plan your own vacation or at least find what options there are? 


Seniors Adapted Strength Training | August 9th - 30th | Henderson Recreation Centre

An exercise class focusing on functional movement training designed to increase one's range of motion, balance, stability and capacity for exercise for increased physical independence. An instructor will lead small groups of participants through various strength training exercises adapted to participant's needs and abilities. 


If you have grandkids visiting, ChildsPlay101.com is the website to find fun activities, camps and events!

GreyPlay101.com focuses on programs, events and resources for seniors and mature adults over the age of 55; for even more events check out these great resources:

Down Town Victoria Association - Events Calendar    Tourism Victoria - Victoria Events      

CityVibe - Summer Outdoor Events                            Arts Victoria - Community Arts Calendar


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How to Use GreyPlay 101!


Click on Find A Program, and use the drop down menus: Area of Interest, Location, Facility, Duration, Start Date, to find the program or activity you are looking for. OR...

Scroll down to Choose an Area of Interest and click on an activity and view a list of all the options that are offered. You can re-sort this list to fit your needs.

*If you can't find the program you want by using the start date field...try the search again, leaving the date field blank.


If you have grandkids that will be visiting over school breaks and summer vacation, and you're looking for activities for them, ChildsPlay101 is the website to find all the camps, activities and programs in the greater Victoria area.

Music Lessons , Piano, Violin, Voice, Guitar | Kids Victoria BC
Elder and Family Mediation
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