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Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria BC
Active Healthy Kids, Health, Fitness, Sports | Victoria BC Canada is a free year round directory that lists hundreds of activities, workshops, lessons, programs and resources for seniors and mature adults in the greater Victoria area.

Our links to Free Senior Activities, Resources, & Festivals & Events, makes finding the right program fast & easy. is designed to help you find just the right program to stay active and connected to the community; which is the secret to staying positive and young at heart!

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Upcoming Events & Programs:

August 27th - September 6th | Victoria Fringe Festival | Various venues - Read more...

September 4, 5,& 6th | Saanich Fair | Saanich Fairgrounds - Read more...

September 10th & 11th | Victoria International Chalk Festival | Victoria - Read more...


Staff Picks on Upcoming Programs:

Cheese Making Classes | September 10th | Victoria West Community Centre

Feta - Learn how to make your own Greek Style Feta cheese!  This is a demonstration style Taste, Touch, Feel class that will demystify the process of making your own cheese giving you a good understanding of the process and ingredients that are used in cheese making. Instructions and ingredients to make your own Feta at home are included.


Zoomers (Land & Water Class) | September 14th - October 26th | Esquimalt Recreation Centre

This unique fitness program is designed for those 50 plus who want to stay fit, build muscle, maintain balance and a healthy heart. Participants will spend 45 minutes in the gym working on a circuit based cardio/strength program followed by 45 minutes in the pool focusing on aerobic aquafit moves that will leave you feeling exhilarated at the end of the 90 minute class.


If you have grandkids visiting, is the website to find fun activities, camps and events! focuses on programs, events and resources for seniors and mature adults over the age of 55; for even more events check out these great resources:

Down Town Victoria Association - Events Calendar    Tourism Victoria - Victoria Events      

CityVibe - Summer Outdoor Events                            Arts Victoria - Community Arts Calendar


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If you have grandkids that will be visiting over school breaks and summer vacation, and you're looking for activities for them, ChildsPlay101 is the website to find all the camps, activities and programs in the greater Victoria area.

senior resources
Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria BC
Active Healthy Kids, Health, Fitness, Sports | Victoria BC Canada