The Cook Street Village Activity Centre is a non-profit organization offering social, educational and recreational activities for persons of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Membership is open to anyone 50+ years, as we cater primarily to those of “mature adult” status.
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Victoria Police Victim Services

Description: Supporting people impacted by crime and trauma. We provide exceptional service in all aspects of our work. We treat our clients with compassion. We have empathy when interacting with our clients and each other.

Days: Days

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: We respect our clients and the diversity of their situations. We respect each other and value the different roles we perform within GVPVS. We are able to accept constructive criticism from each other and work through issues in a respectful manner.

Facility Information

Facility Name: Victoria Victim Services
Phone 1: 250.995.7351
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link: