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Adult Day Services

Description: Adult Day Services help improve the health and quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities. The Adult Day Services provide: Socialization - stay connected to your community through therapeutic and recreational activities and caregiver rest and relief - give family caregivers a break to rest, reconnect with others or run errands.

Victoria Mobile Adult Day Program - 1450 Hillside Avenue, Victoria V8T 2B7

Beckley Farm Lodge - 530 Simcoe Street, Victoria V8V 4W4

Capital Mental Health Association - Pathways - 5500 Hamsterley Road, Victoria V8Y 1S5

Luther Court Society Adult Day Centre - 1525 Cedar Hill Cross Road, Victoria V8P 5M1

Mount Newton Adult Day Centre - 2158 Mount Newton Cross Road, Victoria V8M 1B2

Oak Bay Lodge Adult Day Centre - 2251 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria V8R 5H3

Sunset Lodge - 952 Arm Street, Victoria V9A 4G7

Victoria Chinatown Care Centre, 555 Herald Street, Victoria V8X 4Y7

West Shore Adult Day Program - 567 Goldstream Ave, Victoria V9B 2W4

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Days: M-F

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: How much does it cost? Clients may be charged up to $10 per day to attend an Adult Day Program. This fee is for supplies, the meal and transportation. There is also a small cost for bathing services. Ask your case manager for more details.

How do I access it? VIHA works in partnership with a number of facilities across Vancouver Island to provide adult day programs. Access to adult day programs is through your Case Manager. For more information please read about accessing services or contact the Home Health Office nearest you. Please do not contact the sites directly regarding subsidized adult day programs.

Facility Information

Facility Name: Various Locations
Address: Various locations throughout Victoria
Area: Victoria City


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