The Cook Street Village Activity Centre is a non-profit organization offering social, educational and recreational activities for persons of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Membership is open to anyone 50+ years, as we cater primarily to those of “mature adult” status.
senior resources
senior resources

Canada Pension Plan

Description: Retirement pensions to people who have contributed to CPP. Disability benefits to those who qualify. Survivor and death benefits to those who Qualify. Childrens benefits to those who qualify. OAS pensions to those 65 and over.

Days: Days

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: Guaranteed Income Supplement to low-income seniors age 65 and over. Allowance for low-income persons 60-64 (must meet qualifying conditions). Allowance for the survivor for low-income persons age 60-64 (must meet qualifying conditions). Employment Insurance benefits. Social Insurance Numbers.

Facility Information

Facility Name: Canada Pension Plan
Address: On-line
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link:


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senior resources