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Choice in Supports for Independent Living

Description: Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is a self-managed care option for home support services where funds are provided to eligible clients to purchase and manage their own home support services.

CSIL adds to and does not replace your efforts to care for yourself, with the help of your family, friends and your community.
To qualify for CSIL funding you must:

Be approved for Home Support services
Require daily personal assistance
Be medically and functionally stable
Be able to direct all aspects of your care, or have an alternate decision maker to do this for you
Be able to direct and manage the CSIL contract obligations, or have an alternate decision maker to do this for you.

How much funding do I get? Your Case Manager will work with you to determine the amount of service you will receive based on your personal care needs. We base funding on the current hourly CSIL rate and the number of hours of personal care you need. CSIL funds cover the costs of managing your home supports (such as wages, advertising, bookkeeping, etc.).

Website URL:

Days: M-F

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: For more information, please read about accessing services or contact an Island Health Home Health Office near you.

Facility Information

Facility Name: Various Locations
Address: Various locations throughout Victoria
Area: Victoria City


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