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Global Democracy

Description: This site aggregates all internet petition sites that enable you, as a global citizen, to vote for action on global issues.Global democracy, as is fast becoming apparent, is not about voting for a world parliament, or voting for people at all. It is now about voting for ideas, and for actions - for existing institutions to do the right thing - and it is working!

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Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: All around the world, decision makers are bowing to social media campaigns (see 'About Global Democracy', below). You too can exercise your right,as a global citizen, to vote, and so promote change for the better. Start a list of campaigns for which you have cast your vote in support. If you do nothing else to fix up this world, this list may one day be your legacy!

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Facility Name: Global Democracy
Phone 1: 000-000-0000
Address: on-line organization
Area: Victoria City
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