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Quadra Village Community Centre

Description: At Quadra Village Community Centre we are committed to building community and personal capacity. Our Mission is to work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. We offer various programs, outreach, support and drop-ins for children, youth, families, adults and seniors.

Days: Days

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: Mondays 9am-4pm
Tuesdays 9am-4pm
Wednesdays 9am-4pm
Thursdays 9am-4pm
Fridays 9am-2pm

Facility Information

Facility Name: Quadra Village Community Centre
Phone 1: 250-388-7696
Address: 901 Kings Road
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link:

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