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Road Safety BC - Senior Drivers

Description: Health problems tend to manifest themselves, or become more prevalent as drivers age which is why, beginning at age 80 and every two years thereafter, drivers must be assessed by their doctor and submit a medical report to RoadSafetyBC.

Further, cognitive impairment with respect to driving represents a growing public safety issue as BC’s population ages. As a result it is imperative that drivers who show signs of cognitive decline are assessed to ensure that they are fit to drive.

Website URL: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/driving-and-cycling/driver-medical/driver-medical-fitness/senior-drivers

Days: Days

Duration: Full Day

Additional Information: At age 80 and every two years thereafter, all B.C., drivers must have their physician complete a Driver’s Medical Examination Report (DMER), which is then submitted to RoadSafetyBC

Facility Information

Facility Name: Road Safety BC - Senior Drivers
Phone 1: 250-387-7747
Phone 2: 1-855-387-7747
Address: Various Locations
Area: Out of Area
Facility Link: www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/driving-and-cycling/driver-medical/driver-medical-fitness/senior-drivers


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