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Stem to Stern Massage Clinic

Description: Our specially designed massage chair is not only portable, but adaptable. Easy for clients to sit and stand without strain. Massage specialists have access to limbs and back, hands and feet while clients remain fully clothed.

Massage for seniors is designed to work with the aging body. Our Massage Specialists are aware and certified to work with the aging, from health issues to skin sensitivities and everything in between. The clinic is mobility friendly and scent free.

There are many proven benefits to massage, such as: improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, better quality sleep, relief of aches and pains, better range of motion and improved balance.

Days: Days

Duration: Full Day

Facility Information

Facility Name: Stem to Stern Massage Clinic
Phone 1: 250-656-4116
Address: 304-2453 Beacon Ave
Area: Sidney
Facility Link: www.facebook.com/StemToSternMassage/


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