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Apr 2nd, 2016

Introducing the Website your Doctor is Using

by Geeta Bagga

Category: Articles, Information & Tips, Things everyone should know…

Googling a condition your child was diagnosed with can be scary, and it's hard to know what information is legit. For reliable facts that are regularly updated by a staff of physicians, try, a site that more than 360,000 doctors subscribe to for the latest research and recommendations. covers more than 7,700 topics in 15 medical specialties, and is written by physicians who are experts in their fields. It offers treatment recommendations based on the best medical evidence, and the part I like most about the site is that it is unbiased - providing information that is not influenced by commercial interests.

Knowing this puts my mind at ease as the recommended treatments are pure and not suggested because a sponsoring agent is providing healthy kick-backs! In other words - DRUG COMPANIES ARE NOT FUNDING this site!! I urge you to review the site: it provides articles on hundreds of kid's health topics for free, but for full access to the more in-depth info for doctors, fees start at $20.00. In surveys, 90 percent of doctors say they've changed their treatment decisions after reading about a topic on

So, the next time you question whether or not a recommended treatment is valid, take liberty in doing your own homework and visit the site.

About Geeta Bagga: From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Geeta enjoys being a regular forum contributor for GreyPlay101. Her work intends to inspire and inform people of sources covering a variety of topics.  Linked In:

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