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Oct 23rd, 2015

You Don't Need to Spend a Fortune to be Physically Active

by Carmen Scott

Category: Senior & Zoomers

You don't need to spend a fortune to be physically active. In fact, you can be active without spending any money.

Invite one or two of your friends to meet you at the local mall. You can get some exercise and socialize with friends while you walk around the mall. If you live close enough to mall remember to leave your car at home. All activity counts towards being physically fit. Even tasks such as completing household chores, or spending some gardening time on your deck or in your yard will help you shape up.

Community & Recreation Centres

Many recreation or community centres offer a first class for free, so take advantage of these free demonstration exercise classes. Your local library's will have exercise DVD`s that you can borrow for free, or download activities such as yoga and stretching exercises. For something with a bit more social and entertainment value, try participating in community-sponsored fun run or walk. If you need a bit more of a team atmosphere try joining a badminton or basketball league that plays at your community center.

The Great Outdoors

Go for a walk or hike in a neighbourhood park or wooded area. Many city parks have free nature walks where you can learn about native trees and plants while exploring a local forest or beach. Another way to keep active is to help your community by participating in a stream clean-up effort.

Try Something New

Try bike riding around the neighborhood or local green space. If you don't own a bike, no worries, many communities have bike shops that also have rentals. Try playing a game of tennis or sign up for match at the community courts in your neighbourhood. Join a walking group will keep you motivated, allow you to meet new people and get you walking on routes that you might otherwise not try.

Staying connected to you community is a good way to keep fit mentally and physically at little or no cost to yourself; and will keep you moving while having a great time!

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